Tuesday, 7 July 2009

R.I.P. Marwa El Sherbiny

An outrageous murder of an Egyptian in a German Coutroom

The body of a Muslim woman, killed in a German courtroom by a man convicted of insulting her religion, has been taken back to her native Egypt for burial.

Marwa Sherbini, 31, was stabbed 18 times by Axel W, who is now under arrest in Dresden for suspected murder.

Husband Elwi Okaz is also in a critical condition in hospital, after being injured as he tried to save his wife.

Ms Sherbini had sued her killer after he called her a "terrorist" because of her headscarf.

The case has attracted much attention in Egypt and the Muslim world.

German prosecutors have said the 28-year-old attacker, identified only as Axel W, was driven by a deep hatred of foreigners and Muslims.


Medics were unable to save Ms Sherbini who was three months pregnant with her second child. Her three-year-old son was with the family in court when she was killed.

Axel W and Ms Sherbini and family were in court for his appeal against a fine of 750 euros ($1,050) for insulting her in 2008, apparently because she was wearing the Muslim headscarf or Hijab.

Newspapers in Egypt have expressed outrage at the case, asking how it was allowed to happen and dubbing Ms Sherbini "the martyr of the Hijab".

Senior Egyptian officials and German diplomatic staff attended the funeral in Alexandria along with hundreds of mourners.

Media reports say Mr Okaz was injured both by the attacker and when a policeman opened fire in the courtroom.

My comment: Subhan Allah, how was that possible, to first of all happen in a courtroom! And in the end it was the innocent husband who tried to save his wife who got shot by the police!!!! How is that possible! In a coutroom! My mind cant understand! My duahs are with the family, with the innocent, awwww this really pains my heart deeply!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Hijab in Egypt and Turkey

If we think it is only the West that discriminates hijab (like for instance France hijab and "burqa" bans), we should think again. Both in Egypt and in Turkey women who choose to wear a hijab, are discriminated at work, are accused of being backward and also are viewed as an unpleasant presence in certain "high-class" place as expensive restaurants etc.

This video is about the hijab in Egypt. Women are fired from representative and official positions when they choose to wear a veil. Non of the tv presenters are allowed to wear a veil. People are strictly controlled by the government, where the government controls who they can and cannot talk to. Unfortunatly, the embedding was disabled by the owner, so here's the link for it on youtube:


I also found an article on the web about the niqabis in Egypt, and what kind of treatment they receive there. Check it out at:


There is also a big conflict in Turkey between the secularists, who want to supress the religious practice and secularize by force, and Muslims who want to keep Turkey an Islamic state with free practice of the religion. To me personally, the views of the Turkish secularists and even the "label muslims" (thats what i choose to call them) where they show a complete lack of Islamic knowledge what- so - ever!!!

Such disillusioned people, may Allah guide them Insha Allah for their own good and protection, Insha Allah.

This video here, will show the hijab cruelty in Turkey, where WOMEN WITH HIJAB ARE NOT ALLOWED AT UNIVERSITIES, WHAT YOU THINK OF FRANCE NOW LOL! They get arrested, physically attacked, discriminated, emprisoned for wearing the headscarf. They also cant get a drivers license, because they are not allowed into the driving schools with their hijabs on.

It turns my stomach inside out for all of this fighting going on...

Insha Allah, may the truth come out...