Monday, 24 August 2009

My airport experience

Let me tell u what happened to me at the airport when i was going to norway
it was 1 hour before my flight
i had fixed my tickets and everything
and was going to pray fajr in the prayer room
when i came to the door
there was a jewish man (i knew it because he was dressed like the jews do) with (i think) his daughter standing outside the door
the man was talking on the phone while his daughter was standing by the door looking after the bags which they had put right in front of the door
the first thing i thought hm maybe the prayer room is closed and they cant get inside
so i came close enough to the door and gave it a little push
it was open
i just thought hmmm so strange, why would they put the bags right in front of the door, like blocking the door almost
never mind that,
i said to the girl "excuse me" in a manner that gave a hint please move the bags so i can get inside
she just looked at me
i asked again
and then her father turned to her and gave the sign that she should remove the bags
only after i got inside i realized the girl probably didnt speak english
she couldnt have been more than about 12 years old
either way, i got ready to do my prayer, put down the prayer matt and started praying
sometime when i was still praying they put the bags inside the room
right after i was finished, they came inside and the man said with a heavy and controlling voice: u finished??
i said yes in a moment i will
and i fixed my things, put on my shoes, put the prayer matt back to its place
i guess he was also getting ready to pray
i felt a little offended by the way he said, u finished, but i decided to do everything slowly and answer with calmness and just be normal and relaxed
while i was in the prayer room i also noticed a strange thing... the sign which showed which way the qibla was, was gone!!!!!and i knew it because i have been praying there before, so i still knew which way it was, but i knew it was GONE!! it was not on the side, not on the table, not on the floor, it was GONE
my instinct suggested.... some1 must have taken it away.... Allah knows best
so while i was getting ready to leave, i understood that the girl asked her father wut religion i was, because i heared him explaining and mentioning ramadan
she had been in the room and watched me pray for half of the time i was there
when i was finally ready to leave,i took my bag and while going out the door i smiled to the girl
after i got outside i what an experience
and i was hoping i gave an experience to the girl to remember maybe sometime when she is older
a pleasant meeting with a muslim
u know wut i was thinking too
because i dont wear hijab
and i look european
but when i came inside i started praying to Allah
i was left with a thought....
do you think they might be there thinking wow.....there is more of them then what we see and sometimes u dont even know who is muslim!!!!!

A slightly delayed Ramadan Mubarak

But beter late then never :)

I had such a wonderful experience this year, wow I feel Allah has truly blessed me. Let me share it with you...

I was on a journey back to my home country for some days.
So I was there. I knew Ramadan will start in a day or two. It was around 2 or 3 am, and I was in my bed reflecting upon some things. And suddenly...
All my feelings changed completely! All feelings became so easy, like water running through the fingers, such pure feelings, and my body felt so light and elevated! Subhan Allah, in that second I knew Ramadan had started!

I couldnt believe this was possible, to feel such a thing, but I did not even need to see the moon, my heart new for certain. The next day, I was confirmed at the mosque that Ramadan did start. And I was trying to find out info online on when Ramadan started in my country, whithout succeeding.

Allah has all ways to inform the person.

Wonderful feelings.

May you all get close to Allah and be blessed in this month insha Allah


Salam Cafe citation:
"Why is uncle Sam so handsome?
Answer: Because God made him that way!"

lol just for jokes :P

And now.....

How I take care fo my hair :DDDD

I have had soooooo much trouble with my hair: the hair shaft is super fine, it gets frizzy by the second if Id ever use any head treatment, non of the shampoos or conds or masks have ever handled my hair! AAAhhhh ive been going through years and Yeeeeeeears of experiments of various products and methods until...

I discovered the simplest thing!!!!

How and What I do:

1. brush your hair with bristle brush (comb before- hand to detangle)
2. apply coconut oil throughout the whole length of your hair, covering each hair strand
3. wrap a thin scarf or towel around your hair, so none of the hair is exposed
4. warm up your hair (which is fully covered) with a hair drier.
5. then leave it over night or for at least 1 hour
6. was with the most gentle shampoo possible, and condition it slightly
7. then rinse your hair well, get out all the the remains, dont be afraid to give it an extra long rinse
8. at the end of the rinsing, you can use some home- made rinses such as cool water with a dash of lemon juice, some rose water, or a ginger and rosemary rinse which helps you to prevent hair loss and strengthens your hair. You can make this rinse by boiling fresh ginger and rosemary for about 10 minutes.
9. Wrap a towel around your hair, and let it on dependent on the length of your hair.
10.Before combing your wet hair (never ever brush wet hair!!!), dab a dash of oil onto your palm and gently let your finger slide through the lengths of your hair. Be careful of the amount of the oil, as this is only meant to be as a seamless coating which would keep conditioning your hair till the next wash.
11. Let your hair air dry, or put it up in a bun til it dries (this might give you fab waves or bangs ;))

Monday, 17 August 2009

Hijab, perfect definition

I love Yusuf Estees's speeches so much, because he hits the point of the true value of a woman. His speeches are not the type u dont do this you go to hell of the type, but they really make you realize the beauty and the true purpose of things, and also the value of a woman is so uplifted as it should be. Alhamdulillah for his speeches, as they really draw you near to the true beauty of Allah's commandments! So Alhamdulillah that Allah does this for us and always reaches us in one way or another, the one way being through knowledgable and inspired people. Alhamdulillah, enjoy the video. All praise to Allah. I would also like to remind of a certain issue, that the people who hold the speeches, whatever good they say it comes from Allah, and whatever bad they say it comes from shaytan or from their own ignorance. So we do not hail the speakers, we praise Allah, and it is His Glory and Might that does all this. Allahu Akbar!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Assalamu Aleykum,

I must make you aware of a few fraudulent things. This is of the biggest importance for converts first and foremost. BEWARE OF WEBSITES/VIDEOS/ARTICLES by anything that has to do with labels SUBMITTERS/GOD ALONE/QURAN ALONE. The submiters is actually a sect, that claims to be Muslim, but infact, they deny Islam (found on the header of their home page: ). Rashad Khalifa was a self proclaimed messenger of God (astaghfirullah) and he was later murdered. Instead of calling it Islam, his followers refer to it as submission, and call themselves submitters. Beware of their website and the resources taken from there. If you find anything that links back to, please be cautious.

Here is a video that explains it all in detail:

Another fraud I must make you aware of is... "SHEIKH" HARUN!!!!
This group has posted a bizillion of videos on youtube, of "convert" sisters with niqab, making various speeches and proclamations. They have even posted fatwas on their website!!!!! So this is their profile on youtube: sheikhharunwebsite,and their website at their videos and fatwas are non-sense. For further info about their discloser, go to :