Monday, 24 August 2009


Salam Cafe citation:
"Why is uncle Sam so handsome?
Answer: Because God made him that way!"

lol just for jokes :P

And now.....

How I take care fo my hair :DDDD

I have had soooooo much trouble with my hair: the hair shaft is super fine, it gets frizzy by the second if Id ever use any head treatment, non of the shampoos or conds or masks have ever handled my hair! AAAhhhh ive been going through years and Yeeeeeeears of experiments of various products and methods until...

I discovered the simplest thing!!!!

How and What I do:

1. brush your hair with bristle brush (comb before- hand to detangle)
2. apply coconut oil throughout the whole length of your hair, covering each hair strand
3. wrap a thin scarf or towel around your hair, so none of the hair is exposed
4. warm up your hair (which is fully covered) with a hair drier.
5. then leave it over night or for at least 1 hour
6. was with the most gentle shampoo possible, and condition it slightly
7. then rinse your hair well, get out all the the remains, dont be afraid to give it an extra long rinse
8. at the end of the rinsing, you can use some home- made rinses such as cool water with a dash of lemon juice, some rose water, or a ginger and rosemary rinse which helps you to prevent hair loss and strengthens your hair. You can make this rinse by boiling fresh ginger and rosemary for about 10 minutes.
9. Wrap a towel around your hair, and let it on dependent on the length of your hair.
10.Before combing your wet hair (never ever brush wet hair!!!), dab a dash of oil onto your palm and gently let your finger slide through the lengths of your hair. Be careful of the amount of the oil, as this is only meant to be as a seamless coating which would keep conditioning your hair till the next wash.
11. Let your hair air dry, or put it up in a bun til it dries (this might give you fab waves or bangs ;))

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