Monday, 24 August 2009

My airport experience

Let me tell u what happened to me at the airport when i was going to norway
it was 1 hour before my flight
i had fixed my tickets and everything
and was going to pray fajr in the prayer room
when i came to the door
there was a jewish man (i knew it because he was dressed like the jews do) with (i think) his daughter standing outside the door
the man was talking on the phone while his daughter was standing by the door looking after the bags which they had put right in front of the door
the first thing i thought hm maybe the prayer room is closed and they cant get inside
so i came close enough to the door and gave it a little push
it was open
i just thought hmmm so strange, why would they put the bags right in front of the door, like blocking the door almost
never mind that,
i said to the girl "excuse me" in a manner that gave a hint please move the bags so i can get inside
she just looked at me
i asked again
and then her father turned to her and gave the sign that she should remove the bags
only after i got inside i realized the girl probably didnt speak english
she couldnt have been more than about 12 years old
either way, i got ready to do my prayer, put down the prayer matt and started praying
sometime when i was still praying they put the bags inside the room
right after i was finished, they came inside and the man said with a heavy and controlling voice: u finished??
i said yes in a moment i will
and i fixed my things, put on my shoes, put the prayer matt back to its place
i guess he was also getting ready to pray
i felt a little offended by the way he said, u finished, but i decided to do everything slowly and answer with calmness and just be normal and relaxed
while i was in the prayer room i also noticed a strange thing... the sign which showed which way the qibla was, was gone!!!!!and i knew it because i have been praying there before, so i still knew which way it was, but i knew it was GONE!! it was not on the side, not on the table, not on the floor, it was GONE
my instinct suggested.... some1 must have taken it away.... Allah knows best
so while i was getting ready to leave, i understood that the girl asked her father wut religion i was, because i heared him explaining and mentioning ramadan
she had been in the room and watched me pray for half of the time i was there
when i was finally ready to leave,i took my bag and while going out the door i smiled to the girl
after i got outside i what an experience
and i was hoping i gave an experience to the girl to remember maybe sometime when she is older
a pleasant meeting with a muslim
u know wut i was thinking too
because i dont wear hijab
and i look european
but when i came inside i started praying to Allah
i was left with a thought....
do you think they might be there thinking wow.....there is more of them then what we see and sometimes u dont even know who is muslim!!!!!

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  1. salam alikum
    wow thats wonderful ,when i read this artice i imagine this like movie , wow and i feel u r lucky to have this experience cuz everyone hope r in ur place for this my alah blees u, ans wut u say is true this girl keep ur smile when she grow incha alah she will remmember uas well, everytime for the good and alah take ur prayer , keep tell us ur experiense u have such big heart explode to show who r u , and u have talent writer cuz we enjoyed to read ,thk u
    best wishes