Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Assalamu Aleykum,

I must make you aware of a few fraudulent things. This is of the biggest importance for converts first and foremost. BEWARE OF WEBSITES/VIDEOS/ARTICLES by anything that has to do with labels SUBMITTERS/GOD ALONE/QURAN ALONE. The submiters is actually a sect, that claims to be Muslim, but infact, they deny Islam (found on the header of their home page: ). Rashad Khalifa was a self proclaimed messenger of God (astaghfirullah) and he was later murdered. Instead of calling it Islam, his followers refer to it as submission, and call themselves submitters. Beware of their website and the resources taken from there. If you find anything that links back to, please be cautious.

Here is a video that explains it all in detail:

Another fraud I must make you aware of is... "SHEIKH" HARUN!!!!
This group has posted a bizillion of videos on youtube, of "convert" sisters with niqab, making various speeches and proclamations. They have even posted fatwas on their website!!!!! So this is their profile on youtube: sheikhharunwebsite,and their website at their videos and fatwas are non-sense. For further info about their discloser, go to :


  1. I saw this post on Pixie's blog. Thank you so much for this post! There are so many "islamic" sects out there which aren't really even of Islam. Another one you should know about is 'quranists'. They twist the words of the Qur'an and try to determine what it means for their own benefit. And what is up with that sheikh haron? Its such a jacked up weird website.

  2. Jazzak Allah kheir, yes indeed they need to be busted big time, first of all, when people who search about islam and then come across these sects, they might go in the wrong, which almost happened to me, subhan Allah i found my way back, alhamdulillah! Ill add quranists here too then ;)

  3. Salaam alykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    I followed from Pixie's site as well. You should post about "The True Furqan" too! They were taking out ads in Al-Jumuah Magazine, selling them at Islamic fairs, and trying to put them into prisons as well. Alhamdulillah, they got busted and the publications have, for the moment, dropped off the radar.