Monday, 17 August 2009

Hijab, perfect definition

I love Yusuf Estees's speeches so much, because he hits the point of the true value of a woman. His speeches are not the type u dont do this you go to hell of the type, but they really make you realize the beauty and the true purpose of things, and also the value of a woman is so uplifted as it should be. Alhamdulillah for his speeches, as they really draw you near to the true beauty of Allah's commandments! So Alhamdulillah that Allah does this for us and always reaches us in one way or another, the one way being through knowledgable and inspired people. Alhamdulillah, enjoy the video. All praise to Allah. I would also like to remind of a certain issue, that the people who hold the speeches, whatever good they say it comes from Allah, and whatever bad they say it comes from shaytan or from their own ignorance. So we do not hail the speakers, we praise Allah, and it is His Glory and Might that does all this. Allahu Akbar!


  1. salaam alikum
    hijab is the perfect definition
    my alah blees u and blees everysister and take her in love for islam and hijab incha alah
    all my respect for women

  2. Is this the one where someone asks him about if women have to wear hijab, and he says no, she just can't leave the house?

  3. Jamilah:

    No I did not notice that, but its the one where he says: Dont turn your hijab into art work ;)))