Monday, 24 August 2009

A slightly delayed Ramadan Mubarak

But beter late then never :)

I had such a wonderful experience this year, wow I feel Allah has truly blessed me. Let me share it with you...

I was on a journey back to my home country for some days.
So I was there. I knew Ramadan will start in a day or two. It was around 2 or 3 am, and I was in my bed reflecting upon some things. And suddenly...
All my feelings changed completely! All feelings became so easy, like water running through the fingers, such pure feelings, and my body felt so light and elevated! Subhan Allah, in that second I knew Ramadan had started!

I couldnt believe this was possible, to feel such a thing, but I did not even need to see the moon, my heart new for certain. The next day, I was confirmed at the mosque that Ramadan did start. And I was trying to find out info online on when Ramadan started in my country, whithout succeeding.

Allah has all ways to inform the person.

Wonderful feelings.

May you all get close to Allah and be blessed in this month insha Allah

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  1. salam alikum
    ramadan mubarak
    the best wishes for u happy and love and bleesed for our marriage incha alah
    love u so much
    ur husband